Narragansett turkey12 Turkey eggs arrived today: 6 Narragansetts and 6 Bourbon Reds… none of your commercial rubbish at White Cottage. These are great birds…but as they say, don’t count your turkeys till they’re hatched.

bourbon red-turkeyOne day resting then into the incubator for 28 days. Watch this space.

Chicks have arrived

Wellsummer, Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex,indian GameFrantic activity for the past couple of days.

We now have a whole lot of chicks in roughly equal numbers: little Wellsummers, Rhode Island Reds, Indian Game, Light Sussex and Cream Legbars….brilliant! Really pleased with the hatch rate and very sad for the ones that just didn’t make it. Hey ho!

80 eggs due to hatch on Monday

We are hoping to see new chicks on Monday…80 due: Wellsummers, Cream Legbars, Light Sussex, Indian Game and Rhode Island Red

Waiting with baited breath to see if the new incubator is working. Candled the eggs last night and they are showing that the chicks have been developing well…all very exciting.

We are taking orders for day olds but cannot guarantee we will be able to supply them. Never a greater truth than not counting your chickens and all that.

Incubator eggs